August 20, 2010

Crisis Meeting

No, nothing to do with the sinking ship. I'm talking about me having a bit of a chat with myself.

A rather large penny dropped in my world and I have come to a conclusion or two about me and my physical condition. It has occurred to me that I may not be in quite such good shape as I used to be. Time was, when I was working on a particular section in the job, that I had three monthly physical tests. These involved either a mile run in under six minutes or the dreaded bleep test, having to attain level ten.

This was followed a couple of minutes later with fifty press ups, fifty sit ups, the fifty bench dips. I used to do this quite easily - bloody racing snake weren't I.

That seems rather a long time ago and poor health and a lack of energy - not to mention will power - have left this Adonis physique a tad on the soft side. I get out of breath opening the post!

That is why I am typing this whilst breathing hard and moist with perspiration. I've just been wobbling about on a white plastic board connected to a Wii. I never thought I would stoop to this level but my sister has been going on about the damned Wii for ages and I have to admit, it has suitably demonstrated my pathetic physical state.

What next, aerobics classes? Nah, can't see me in leotards somehow. But I am going to try and keep it up.

I've also grown tired of chugging about in a bloody 4x4 so I've chopped it in for an estate which may or may not be a mistake, its rained constantly since I picked it up. Anyway, no more driving to the back of my swim every time, I'll have to walk a bit.

Look out world, a buff Burr is just around the corner.


  1. Buff Burr - please no photos especially not to my email!

    I am also attempting to get fitter but by walking a lot. I am out walking most days at the moment and intend to continue for as long as the knee holds up. I have lost a few pounds just this week. Last night was the first night in I've had for quite some time. I was bloody knackered though!


  2. A couple of days a week on the Teme would either keep you fit or kill you Conrad :-)

  3. Buy a rowing machine Dave........ just look at me.

    Ok maybe not then.

  4. It would just become a clothes horse Tone, like the bike and the rest of 'em.

    As I type this Nicky is trying to do a 'step' work out. She has the coordination and grace of a cow on roller skates. But she's way better than me :-)

    Rowing isn't as much fun, believe me.

  5. "Rowing isn't as much fun, believe me."

    Dave, As a veteran of 11 100 mile raft races down the Wye I can only agree with you there. I sometimes wonder what kept bringing me back for another go.

    It did keep me fit though.

  6. What's raft racing downstream on a fast moving river got to do with rowing Ade? Now if you were doing it against the current............. :-)

  7. Do you fancy having a go? I have been approached to help out with a veterans team for next May.

    PS, You train upstream.....

  8. You've got me started now, this should give you some idea of what you're letting your self in for.

  9. Dave,

    Jesus,have you thought this through ? I've been trying to loose a few pounds over the summer.Cut out all bread,rice,potaoes and have done well on a diet on White Wine and cigars.I'm now so skinny I've got flys round my mouth and Bob Geldorf is at the door ;-)

  10. Ade, I'm far too young for a veterans team.

    Monty, Cut out bread, rice and potatoes? But that's my favourite breakfast :-)

  11. On the odd occasion I decide to shed a few pounds, usually brought on by noticing that my trousers are getting tight. I just cut out spuds and bread. Half a stone buggers off in about 3 weeks...... I then stuff my face again until next time.

  12. Then you go to Spain and eat chips every night ;-)

    Three weeks is not enough for me, going by your calculations I should give up the spuds for about 6 months!