August 05, 2010

Topical Comment

There has been much discussion over the last week or so about a certain group of barbel enthusiasts. Tunes have been downloaded that, in some way, reflect the issue of the day and many have made me chuckle. I thank Monty Dalrymple for all of his efforts to bring humour to this turgid world of ours.

Anyway, here's my five penneth worth, sung by that great countryman and angler Bernard Cribbins who prophetically penned this ditty many moons ago.


  1. Dave,

    I thank you.I know a fair few dislike my take on what has been going on.But I do not think I have been to outrages at all ?

    Anyway September may be a fine month.The Pope is over in the UK for four days,so I'll try and find time to launch a "Pope Watch".

    Monty D

  2. I dont know how to post music vids but if I did I would have gone with Talking Heads, Road to knowhere.