April 18, 2011

Tinkle Tinkle

No, its not a misspelling of our favourite spring fish, its the sweet sound of revenge.

Last year at about this time, I was in Spain along with five stalwart anglers and friends one of which being the renowned Tony Rocca. We had a great time although the fishing was a tad off the banter ran as freely as the Spanish ale.

There was little in the way of practical jokes but I was the butt of one particular gem when young Tone attached one of those bells, as used on pier rods, to the back of my shirt as I walked into the Carrefore supermarket. My hearing isn't all it could be and I didn't suspect a thing until I walked back to the car across a relatively quiet car park. I could hear the tinkling sound but wasn't sure quite what it was or from whence it came. I stopped, had a good look around then walked on only to repeat the process twice more. When I got to the car the bugger Rocca was crying with laughter along with the rest of the crew. "I'll get you back" I promised.

So, last week I stayed in Tony's flat :-) Big mistake because I'd spent a fiver on Ebay and had secured a number of double bell rod top jobbies. Vengeance will be mine.

I was going to affix one or two to the underneath of his bed to give a little musical accompaniment to his night moves but alas, there was nothing to fix one to without a needle and thread (and I was going to pack one of them). But I found a place or two for some time bombs and I giggled as I closed the door.

Earlier today I had a text from Tony, I quote "It took me about five minutes to find those bells". I sent one back this evening asking how many he's found? He rang me. "I just found another beneath the cutlery drawer", he said. "How many's that so far?" I replied. "Three ....... is there more?" came the voice of a man with shaken confidence. "Keep looking" I said, "You've a few to get yet".

Do you think he'll find them all boys and girls? Will he know when to stop looking? :-)


Its Thursday the 21st. Tony texted me yesterday - twice. Each time proclaiming the discovery of more bells. His total is 7 which, incidentally, is the number that I secreted but, do I tell him? Should I just tell him that I bought 10 and leave him searching? What would you do? :-)


  1. Revenge is sweet, sweet as a Rose.....

    Very funny I'd forgotten all about that particular piece of hilarity.

  2. I think Tony had too, which makes it all the sweeter ;-)

  3. LOL................

    Better go i think i can hear the door bell!

  4. Tony found another (easy) one today, still got a few more yet ;-)

  5. Ha, found them all then, well Faye did.

    I have left one by the light switch in the tackle room, every time you reach round, tinkle tinkle, it shall stay there.