April 16, 2011

A True Gent

Fishing today is filled with controversy and back biting from a lot of stroke pullers and ner do wells, I should know, I fish with some of 'em :-) But amongst the dross there are a few gems, true angling gentlemen that I admire and look up to. One such chap is Dave Steuart and today I made the long journey across to Reading for his book launch.

I've known Dave for a few years now and to see such a gathering of fellow anglers come to his special day was great and completely deserved. He really is a top bloke and when I've spent time on his fishery I usually spend much of it chin wagging with Dave rather than fishing. Having said that, when Dave starts chopsing he's a bugger to get away from!

If you haven't got a copy of his book Minnows to Marlin then you've dipped out as they've all been sold, so you'll have to wait until the speculators start selling them in a few months so, start saving.

Apart from the central figure, this was a gathering of plenty of 'names'. I won't tell you who I spent my time chatting with as you'll accuse me of name dropping although I did find some time for the little people like Jason Speck :-)

I expect that Dave is very tired this evening and his arm must ache from all the signing.


  1. You and Nicky will be pleased to know, that I made it all the way home without the use of the plastic bottle.But as we pulled into the car park of our local,I flew out the door like a scalded cat.:-)

  2. We were worried for the upholstery - well done :-D