June 10, 2012


It didn't take long did it?

Nicky and I have been coming to terms with an empty house and having to listen for the door bell and telephone, two of the jobs Buddy elected to do on our behalf, and were even planning a break abroad for a week or two. We looked at a few brochures, even spoke with a Travel Agent (how old school is that?), then thought, 'what the hell, why go away when we live in such a beautiful spot'. To celebrate our decision we took a stroll through the village, Laura our neighbour walking with us for a while and Imogen, the Doctor's receptionist, pulled up in her car to make comment that Nick and I were hand in hand. It was one of those gentle strolls that we enjoy on a summer evening and make you miss having a dog more than ever.

We passed the village shop and were called in by Laura; Imogen and her had been discussing dogs and Imogen had one that she needed to re-home. "Want a Bearded Collie?" said Laura excitedly.

Half an hour later we were at Imogen's meeting 'Harvey' a nine year old Beardie who, because of her increased work load and family ties, was being left alone for much longer than was desirable. Imogen  had come to the reluctant decision to let him go and would be delighted if we could take him on - we have.

He's settled remarkably well and already feels like one of the family - cute eh?


  1. How lovely. Good to hear you both 'got back on the bike' so to speak. I do hope you are all happy. He looks an attentive dog, eager to please.
    I thought for a moment that you holding Nicky's hand was romantic gesture but I guess its because otherwise you might forget your way back home!
    Only kidding big boy! ;O)
    Hopefully see you soon then, get baiting up! :O)

  2. Attentive and eager to please, if only Nicky was like that :-)

    (If she reads this I leave all my fishing tackle to - OW!....................