June 28, 2012

New Season, What New Season?

I am so pissed off! I have another bout of back problems which have prevented me from doing virtually everything I've wanted to do and its starting to get to me. Correction, it got to me ages ago, I really am fed up, bored, grumpy, low and difficult to be around...... okay, even more difficult to be around.

The trouble is a nerve that is either trapped or is playing up due to a disc that is out of alignment; more physio has been booked and it can't come quick enough. I can't walk far or carry anything heavy, two essentials when fishing especially when the river's up, there's no parking in the fields and all the good spots are a hike away. If I do walk its painful, then I get an odd warm feeling down the outside of my buttock and thigh as though someone has wee'd down it - well, that's how I explained it to the Doc and he then asked me if I was "peeing and pooing okay?" I told him it was just an expression and I hadn't really wet myself but he didn't smile, just repeated his question! Hey ho, after a 'wet leg' my foot goes to sleep and my leg gets very heavy........ and I moan a lot. Mrs Burr is about to either leave or put a pillow over my face if I don't buck up, its been dragging on for a while now.

So my total fishing result for the season 2012/13 so far is
fished - twice
choice of swims decided by distance from car - two
total time bankside - three hours
total fish caught - zero
total bites or fishy indications - zero

Apart from that its going very well.

But yesterday it felt a little easier so I went for a wander around my syndicate water. The path on one bank is quite easy to negotiate and, by taking my time I managed to cover most of the north bank. I was rewarded by plenty of activity from the carp that were up in the water despite the cool and overcast conditions. I saw more carp that on any other visit as they cruised about just below the surface with the occasional fish leaping and splashing back into the calm water. It was all very mouth watering and frustrating as I had no tackle with me. As you will see in the pictures I found fish grubbing about in the shallows as well as cruising over deeper water, they really were everywhere and I am tempted to have a go very soon. I know I can't manage a full session as the field's too wet to drive over and I'm not up to 'barrowing' my gear that far but I saw enough fish within reach of the dam where I can drop my gear and day-fish with the minimum of effort - yes, I'll give that a go.

As we returned to the car I saw a spectacle that I have often heard of but have never witnessed in this country before. There was a mass exodus of baby frogs from the lake and everywhere you looked little miniature amphibians hopped amongst the grass as they sought refuse and food at the start of their terrestrial live's. It was an incredible sight and one often described by my parents as something they had witnessed at 'The Pond' near our home village. Sadly nowadays what with there being a lot less frogs around, it is only something that happens when they have a particularly good year but it does bode well for their future so good luck to them. They were very fast and difficult to photograph so, apologies for the poor effort.

That's me for now, sorry I'm on a downer but a man wiser than me once said that 'life is like a pubic hair on a toilet, eventually you'll get pissed off' and I promise that I'll catch something soon and tell you all about it.


  1. Dave I've suffered from siactica in the past so feel your pain, not nice all all. For me a chiropractor got my spine straight, then I used a kneeling chair at work and then finally exercise such as swimming was a great help.

    1. Thanks Mick, this has been ongoing for years and I've had every sort of treatment but the bloody thing keeps giving out on me, I haven't tried a kneeling chair yet though....... can you get them in Realtree? : )

  2. Dave,

    I get it also,the pins and needles up and down the left side,legs down to fingers that go numb and loose all colour.I find that neck exercises work for me and keep mobile.

    Try and lay on your back on the floor,bring your knees up to your chin(hard I know for a Falstaff like Girth) with your hands behind your neck and push back against your knees.

    It's a sod.


    1. Monty, I don't want to worry you but I think you're having heart attacks :-o

      I've got loads of exercises to loosen and strengthen and yes, I look like a beached whale when I do them, trouble is they ain't workin'.

      Thanks for the kisses lever - people will talk ;-)

  3. Dave,

    Na mate.....


  4. That's a wise saying you ended with there, Dave. :) Cracked me up to boot. I do hope your back gets to feeling better soon though...those runs look awful inviting.

    1. I guess it could travel across the Atlantic ; )

  5. So my total fishing result for the season 2012/13 so far is
    fished - nil
    choice of swims decided by distance from car - nil
    total time bankside - nil
    total fish caught - nil
    total bites or fishy indications - nil

    So even crocked you still beat me. Keep your chins up! :o)

  6. I have a fasset joint that is playing up at the moment, it is wreaking havoc in my neck and all down my left arm, I feel like i have a permanently dead arm.................. not pleasant!

    Hopefully you will be on the mend soon mate and you will be back amongst the fish.

  7. Cheers Richard ;-)

    Thanks Tom, sounds horrible although a dead arm can have one advantage ; ) I hope you too are back to full fitness soon and blogging merrily.