October 07, 2019

Some Days.....

...are just a trial. Yesterday was one of them. With the river running from spate to spate for over a week I'd be mad not to wet a line. I didn't fancy a long walk from the car to swim but all the places I fancied were far off.

I'm never quite sure whether it's the actual water and features or the distance that gives a swim the allure. The bottom swim of every fishery is always popular. I guess it's the thought of sending your bait beyond a boarder and into the 'unknown' that thrills us so.

There I was emptying the car of my minimal kit and loading it onto my carp barrow. It had to be better than crippling me before I reached the spot so off I went..... The barrow is heavy when empty and the pushing position designed for a gorilla. I arrived with the usual sore back but at least I was happy with the swim I had chosen.

I quickly got my gear set up having introduced a few freebies to the swirling, brown maelstrom. Out went the rod and I settled down for the wait - only to see the rod bend and line pour off the reel. "Bloody debris" I muttered and lifted into a strange, deep but evidently alive resistance. I played it gingerly doing a guessing game of what it could possible be. When it surfaced I saw a small barbel hooked squarely in the dorsal fin.

Obviously it didn't count and it was promptly returned with an invite to summon some older family or friends to the banquet.

Hooking a barbel in the dorsal is unusual so I pinned the rig down with a shot as I guessed it was waving in the current. Next cast found a snag and I had to set up again. Third cast saw a thumping bite and a fish hooked - only for it to come off. I have no idea why but it may have just been holding the pellets that were glued to the hair, as they had slipped.

Then I got everything right, re-cast and nothing happened. I sat chewing my tooth enamel at the performance of my football team, my back ached a lot so I went home.

Like I said, some days.....


  1. Some days are just like that... but the next one might be red letter... keeps us coming back...

  2. That's right, we keep coming back. Eternal optimists or relentless fools?

  3. Barrow designed for a gorilla? Custom made was it? Love you xx

  4. Thank you Mr Cleavage, love you too xx :o)