January 11, 2012


Just a quickie; we heard today that our little hedgehog is doing just fine and has gone from 350 to 550 grams. We also learned that its a she hog and we shall collect her in the Spring and reintroduce her to our garden. Makes you feel warm inside doesn't it?

I'm off down to Somerset to see my old mate Bunny tomorrow, no doubt we will talk a load of nonsense and have a few laughs as well as doing a little 'deal' as he buys a bite alarm remote sounder from me ;-)

Then, on Friday, I'm meeting Paddy on the banks of some heavily stocked carp water (shock horror) where we are having a day or two in an attempt to get Paddy (and me) some long overdue fish. The temperature is due to plummet which is far from ideal (get the excuses in early) but we'll have a go, we can always revert to the pike waters instead.


  1. I have been wondering about your little hedgehog! It does warm my heart that she is doing so well. :) Good luck on Friday...it's always worth a go, whatever the weather puts forth!