December 31, 2011


I picked the lock and snuck out of my prison cell yesterday - I actually went fishing! For the first time in a month I felt able to have a dabble and seized the moment. The river seemed a tad daunting so I went to my syndicate lake for a spot of spinning - well, it seemed appropriate.

I'd love to report on the excellent fighting qualities of the large perch or the dramatic lunges of the angry pike but I failed to move a single fin. I didn't really mind, I only fished for an hour or so when you deduct the time spent cutting out the biggest bird's nest I've ever had on a multiplier.

Catching something would have been nice but just getting out was enough really, I won't pretend that I felt as good at the end of the session as I did at the start but I was fishing rather than staring at my own four walls and I'll be out again very soon.


  1. Its always good to be out and about Dave, so much better than sitting indoors.

  2. That's good to hear Dave, it must have been very enjoyable given the enforced time away from fishing that you have had to endure.

    Kind Regards

  3. Yes Dave the river was not easy, I roved for Chub with big meat, best 4lb-14oz. It was a struggle, 3 pulls all day, but at least like yourself I was out.
    Hope to see you on the banks soon now you are starting to improve.
    Happy new year, or as we say this side of the Wye, Blywyddyn Newydd Dda.

  4. Blywyddyn Newydd Dda to you to Mr Mayor Sir :-)