September 13, 2010


I've not read the book of etiquette but I do know that there are particular rules and protocols for certain social meetings. For example; when greeted with "How do you do" the correct repost is to also say "How do you do". So, what is the correct greeting when you share pleasantries with two men in a canoe - that are stark bollock naked?

This happened whilst I guided a group at Middle Hill Court the other day, it really is a tad unexpected in this country. I was actually spared the full frontal as I was walking between swims and only saw their heads as they passed, my guests however, were all put off their sausage and boiled spuds for a day or two.

It was a good few days in the company of four anglers that I've guided now for some five years. They even had polo shirts made with a logo of the 'Wye Botherers Five Year Anniversary' on it and a Kelly Kettle in the middle. They even presented me with one, which was really good of them.

The Kelly Kettle is a standing joke. Each year Pete takes care of lighting and feeding the KK with enough wood to roast a pig! I think he's a frustrated steam train driver or stoker maybe. I always engage in a race to boil the water and put my little gas burner on and usually win. This year Pete had already started the fire before I got my stove out of the car. I then had to change the gas bottle and it was still a dead heat that Pete claimed was his victory by a second. Come on man, admit it, Kelly Kettles are crap.

Nice fish Pete, now put the kettle on

The fishing was a bit iffy, they all had barbel and Pete had five with another lost one day. But, like the rest of this year, the river is being fickle and although the river rose a bit on the second day, it didn't 'switch on'.

As I type, Neil has just returned from a short trip. The river is holding a couple of feet of extra water and the conditions looked spot on yesterday and today but the fish seem to have other ideas and he only had chub. I dare say things will pick up in a day or two as there is a big spate on the way.


  1. Sounds like young Adam Fisher and his new best friend Dia,on a day out ;-)

  2. I met Adam on the fishery Monty so it definitely wasn't him. He seemed like a decent sort of a chap too, do you have a history?

  3. Dave I think the correct etiquette would be to say, 'Bit nippy Squire.' Then aforementioned Squire would not feel the need to explain the diminutive size of his acorns. If on the other hand he was sporting infeasibly large ones then a simple 'Wow!' would suffice. It has just enough ambiguity to be British.


  4. Dave,

    Not at all,he cares for the river a great deal,in fact he is fishing a syndicate with another local'ish lad with me soon.Once we can sort out some dates.

  5. Conrad, I think "Wow" is a bit gay. Something like "nice rudder" would probably passable :-)

    Monty, That's good. I know that Adam has been a Forum fighter in the past but I always found myself siding with him. Having met him I'm sure he has the river at heart. Say Hi from me when you get together.

  6. No Dave Wow is ambiguous, keep em guessing mate.