January 19, 2011

How to get a Korda sponsorship

Sorry I've been a bit quiet of late. To make it up to you here's a little ditty that sums up much of the angling world at present. It does contain some swearing so don't show it to your mum.

Enjoy :-)

Well, I think that the boys at Korda are a bunch of miserable, humourless buggers and just maybe the truth hurts. Ah well, if you missed it it serves you right for not looking in more often :-)


  1. It's been pulled from every where.But I was talking to a mate about it.It's very funny,but also a shame how kids today just come straight into Carp,Carp and more Carp.

    As we get older we go full circle maybe ?

  2. Shame on you Korda! No sense of humour.

    You're right Monty but nowadays there are many that are starting off with barbel rather than carp. Get 'em on the float and maggots and let them learn from the bottom up I say. But then, who listens to an old fart like me?

    The video said a lot about sponsorship and the hard sell of modern angling, also the willingness of the average angler to follow fashion and fads. Hmm, I feel an article coming on :-)

  3. Was one of the funniest Youtube pieces I've seen for ages..I guess the creator had his collar tugged bt Danny's lawyers.."Stop saying Carps, you are not Martin Clarke"...classic.