February 19, 2012

Retail Therapy

Had a day out at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry yesterday, not to watch a lowly positioned football team but to submerge myself into a fishy environment for a few hours as they staged a Carp and Coarse Show.

It was really busy when we got there but soon thinned out and the numbers attending looked a little low considering it was a free event with free parking unlike the old rip-off days at the NEC. However, talking to some of the traders, they thought that by making it 'free' it attracted too many browsers as opposed to people determined to claw back their entrance fee on a few bargain purchases. Consumer psychology - you don't get that on many blogs :-)

I recently bought the first three Rob Maylin books Tiger Bay, Fox Pool and Basil's Bush, all reprints as the originals are fetching silly money. Rob was there and did a talk about his latest couple of books and I was fortunate enough to win a copy of one of them. He then did me a deal on the other so my book shelf has yet more weight to bear - result!

Apart from Neil and I buying a load of bits and bobs it was really good catching up with a few old mates. Martin Ford is the guy that showed me how to put a magazine together all those years ago and I met him for the first time in an age. We caught up and I have been given an invite to have a night or two on his fishery which sounds awesome; he showed me a picture of an old, black mirror that would look just perfect in my landing net, I shall certainly try to make that happen.

Stef Horak was there, I went to the counter to get some coffee, turned and saw that Stef was sat next to Nicky give her his best chat up lines, "I'm divorced now y'know", so he hasn't changed much. We had a good chin wag like you do, I told him I hardly recognised him without a barbel or perch in front of his face, readers of Coarse Angling Today will know what I mean.

A day of total immersion therapy does a power of good and I am looking forward to the end of the week when I'll be spending a couple of days trotting for grayling and (hopefully) roach on the Test and Wylye. Then I may just get back to writing a fishing blog.


  1. Sometimes this kind of "therapy" is needed...and god knows is chapter than its alternative of the same name. ;) And I do hope your bookshelf is a sturdy one! Good weekend, it sounds!

  2. Sounds like you had a very good time at the show Dave and picked up some excellent books along the way, I look forward to reading about your fishing trip for the lady of the stream.

    Kind regards

  3. Sounds like a good day out there Mr Burr.

  4. Erin, Mark and Tom, yes it was a good day thanks, I've been playing with my new toys today but have now stashed them with the rest of my gear - roll on my first carp trip of '12. But its grayling and a few Wye trips between now and March 14.

  5. You are fast becoming a tackle tart like me Dave. I recommend Mark Cunninghams "syndicate" 6 book series. Just right for 2 or 3 day sessions. Will have you rolling around your bivvy.

  6. I read the first one last week, Bivvy Tramps before that, got my Maylin head on now though :-)