October 19, 2012

The Viking

I haven't fished for the last week or so, just don't have the urge right now. The lake looks lifeless and never seems encouraging when full of coloured water from the streams and the river, well, its just been up and down like a tart's knickers and has been fishing very poorly.

Not so long ago, in circumstances like this, I'd have been on the river fishing like a little ferret in an attempt to find an answer to where the fish were and how to catch them but, at the moment, I can't be bothered. I'm just fed up with fishing in flood conditions.

So what do I do, wait for the river to drop - if it ever does? Wait for the lake to clear and become cold? Look for somewhere else to fish? I don't know, but something will turn up, it always does. I'm quite content to let the fish be for a week or two, I'm away with Nicky for a little break next week, when we get back I dare say I'll be gagging for some fishing action and that may well involve a pike or two.

Although I didn't wet a line, I was on the river yesterday. Johnny Jensen, international angler, journalist and photographer, who was over from Denmark for a short stay with his lovely wife Charlotte and their son Emille. Johhny has fished the Red Lion stretch for years, he loves the Wye and the countryside of the Welsh boarder. He is a pleasure to know with his positive, non judgemental outlook and great charm. He loves to remind you that he's a Viking and his mantra 'Let's fish and if the fishing's bad, let's get drunk' is straight from his Viking roots. I spent one evening chatting with him and Nigel Botherway but hark at me, the old name dropper :-)

We tried hard for a few hours yesterday but failed to raise as much as a bite - but I waited till the evening for the drink.

During the day and over a curry in the evening Johnny regaled us with tales of his fishing trips around the world. His accounts of ice fishing in Sweden and especially the journeys into the Amazon were particularly mouth watering. He has a new book out which chronicles just a part of his angling life, it is only available in his local language at the moment but may be reprinted into English as and when he can find a publisher. He very generously gave me a copy and the pictures throughout are quite stupendous.

To see more of Johnny's photographs and picture accounts of his trips, check out here


  1. Your nonchalant and somewhat lapsed attitude towards the fishing is very commendable mucker.
    Omitting links from your blog tho...some might consider it just rude! ;-) xx

  2. Not wishing to appear rude lover, but did you click on the word "here"? It works on mine.

  3. Dave,

    Rivers are up and coloured our way too.Glad in a way I'm in work,as the Pike and Perch fishing will not be much kop at present.But next weekend I'm off Pike fishing on a very old lake indeed ;-0

  4. Good luck with that Monty, have you got a heavy cane rod?

  5. I am just back from the Hampshire Avon, up and pushing through and not ideal..................... Like you matey, the mojo is almost on the AWOL list.

  6. I trust you "tapped" Jonny on the Comizo's.


  7. Of course, and the pike and the bass, he's very interested in the tench prospects too - you may need to be introduced ;o)

  8. Dave I haven't tendered a comment on your blog for a few weeks, nor indeed tendered an entry on my own. I think the Redmire trip has scarred me a bit. However, you have tempted me back from the brink with just one comment. It just remains for me to plead with you mate,"Please , please don't ever take up golf, for it is indeed the dark side".:-)

    1. There's no chance of me getting dressed like a tosser for a walk in the countryside mate, and there are far too many rules at golf clubs - I'm a free spirit ;o)

      But I hope you get back bankside really soon, Redmire is Redmire, the rest is just fishing and I know you love it.