February 18, 2013

Chub - the return

I went back to the swim I fished in my last entry today. I know it shows a lack of ambition and adventure but I wasn't feeling particularly energetic and this swim suited my needs. I fished it in an identical way as I felt that the chub would still be in residence even though the river was a good three feet down on last time.

I lobbed a feeder full of bread out at a few minutes past 1pm and sat back, squinting at the bright sunshine. It was remarkably warm despite the frost last night and the inevitable one that shall follow this evening. With less colour in the water  I figured the fish may be cagey and the first bite proved this to be the case as the rod jabbed and I struck at fresh air. This was repeated on the next couple of casts with bread as bait so I hair rigged a knob of cheese paste instead. It didn't help.

The fish were just not having it, they were playing with the bait and edging away with it or slashing at it but not doing enough to hit them. I decided to get cute.

I cast again, this time the cheese paste had a lump of flake to accompany it and the free running feeder was filled with a knob or two of paste and plenty of liquidised bread. I then went all old school and put a bread bobbin on the line between the reel and the first ring........ and waited.

It didn't take long, the bobbin twitched then slid toward the butt ring, I lifted the rod and pushed it forwards effectively giving the fish extra line. It kept going. I struck and had a good little scrap with a beautifully silvered chub that flashed in the clear water. It was an ounce below 4lbs and was enough to make my day.

I missed a very fast bite soon after then the swim went quiet. I felt I'd done what I came to do and packed early before the temperature dropped.

Look no shadow!


  1. Worth making the extra effort again mate. Hope you didn't suffer too much. Thanks for the call ;o)

  2. lovely looking chub and some almost spring like weather, a welcome combination Dave.