May 31, 2014


So there I was riding on the crest of a wave, my fishing was going fine with a run of good fish and I had a couple of weeks sat by a carpy French river to look forward to. I was looking forwards to this date, the 31st as its four years to the day that I first blogged so I was going to have a little chat about the passing years and big up my plans for the start of June - then BUMP. I was hit in the ass by a car and all plans went out of the window.

It wasn't a massive collision but it has been enough to rattle my spine and, apart from giving me a whiplash, its stirred up my lower back which had been going along quite nicely. I'm not normally one to let such things stop me from fishing but I do have my limits and the idea of driving 500 miles each way is a complete no go. So I'm now a grumpy little so and so.

On the brighter side, having come to terms with Harvey's untimely demise, Nicky and I have been looking at dog.  In the past we've had rescue dogs and they've always been excellent companions but this time we have gone for a puppy. Good decision? Time will tell. Anyway, I'm not going far for a while so I can spend some time house training the little monster.

So, here's Cane - not the bamboo stuff (well, maybe a bit :-) ) but the Welsh meaning - beautiful and he certainly is.


  1. Very sorry to hear about your accident Dave, hope you are on the mend, a real pity about the France trip, I would be similarly unhappy.But that puppy oh my, reminds me of our old dog Timmy. That has to be a good fishing companion in the making mate.

    1. Thanks Mark, Cane certainly has plenty of potential - and sharp teeth!

  2. Dave, not been here in a while. Sorry to hear of your accident and loss. The new fella looks every bit as much of a character as your fondly remembered canine companions, i hope his teeth have dulled by July.