April 10, 2016

A Significant First

At times of inactivity my mind wanders to those idyllic fishing scenarios such as the perfect tench dawn, cruising carp, visible chub and barbel on clean gravel and I've even visualised myself wading with a brook rod searching for trout. These are all ambitions for a later day and I am determined to make them come to fruition later in the season. Its just going to have to wait a bit that's all. However, today was momentous for a different reason and a memorable fishing ambition was accomplished. My grandson caught his first fish!

My lad and I took his boy Jaycob for his first jaunt and the anticipation was at fever pitch for the youngster, as you can well imagine. It hadn't started well though. The venue I'd picked for some 'easy mixed fishing' was shut - bugger! We opted for the pool on our syndicate estate as a slightly reluctant Plan B. Neither of us wanted him to be blooded with a carp but it was that or face the wrath of heading home without wetting a line.

I've had a couple of short visits here in the last month or so and have seen fish on the surface, bubbling and creating patches of silt yet have failed to register so much as a bite. Bearing this in mind things looked bleak without a single sign of a fish showing anywhere. Hey ho, in for a penny....

Jake kissed his fishing chair as we unloaded the car. He really does like his chair and sits on it almost exclusively at home, at least he did. Its now filthy.

Fish on!

I was off looking for fish when I heard an urgent cry and there he was, rod in hand and Neil running around him grabbing the net and offering instructions. By the time I had waddled back the fight was all but done and Jake had coped admirably - along with a forgiving rod and a lightly set clutch. The fish was soon in the net. Smiles all around and one very happy little 'un. Welcome to the fold.

Can I touch it?

Of course, the interest soon waned, the cold was felt and the trip was ended somewhat sooner than we expected but I am certain that this is just the first of a lifetime.


  1. good angling!
    reminds me of my earliest fishing adventure.....
    i was about the same age as a friend of my dad"s took me fishing on a local carp pond.
    the fish i caught was about the same size but i can still recall the excitement of my first carp ever!!
    the fishing bug had me hooked!nearly five decades later still going strong...
    actually i had three carp today:58,65,and 68 cm and beautifully marked.chuffed to bits!
    thanks for the reminde of my childhood!


    1. You never forget your first. Having said that, my first fish was a minnow and so were the next goodness knows how many. It took me years to get one like Jake had today :o)

  2. That's another hooked for life then. Think I was nearly in my twenties before I caught anything that big. Well done Jaycob, and the seed sowers of course.

    1. I was trying to work out how long I'd been fishing before I had anything that big Rich. I reckon it was probably seven or eight years of tiddler snatching before a pike attacked a hooked fish and came in with the hook in i's pectoral...... and that didn't count!