February 05, 2011


I had some bad news in a phone call the other day. Paul Ashton rang to say that there had been a fish kill on one of my old carp waters. It is suspected that the prolonged ice lid on the pool had lowered the oxygen level to a fatal level and carp, bloated with gas, had popped up to the surface all around the water. To see those enigmatic fish distorted by death was sad and one wonders how long a water like that will take to recover. Still, its given the otters plenty of easy meat.

It has happened all over the country of course and this last winter will remain in our memories for a long time to come.

Still haven't been out. The river has had that green tinge which means tough fishing and the lakes are still pretty dire. My self imposed angling break will continue for a bit yet.

That doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about my fishing. I've been pouring my laptop and have been deep in preparation for the coming year. I have plans aplenty and they have been kick started by a visit to my new syndicate water. Now, unfortunately, there is a total publicity ban on this water so I will not be able to report from there. This is a pity as it is a venue that will inspire many words, it is quite simply stunning and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to fish there. So, if the blog gets a bit thin (again) in the summer, there's a reason and you'll just have to guess at the joy I'm experiencing ;-)

I've booked a trip to Castle de Tonio in sunny Spain for April. Nicky and I are going to mix a bit of sightseeing and fishing for a week, I only hope that its a bit more productive than last year when I was put in all the bad swims. I am extremely grateful to Senor Rocca for the use of his Iberian abode and promise not to treat it in the same manner that he treats his hire cars.

Castle de Tonio

May will see me in France for a bash at the rivers and I've bought a set of Harrison Chimera 3.25 tc rods for just such an occasion. Phil, Bunny and I are making up the party and are aiming for the Seine, well, you may as well go big and there's no bigger river in the country. I'm doing my homework and have picked out a few areas that look right for our needs. We will, however, travel with an open mind and should conditions require a rethink due to high water or whatever, then its just a case of driving on to plan b, c, or wherever feels right.

June is set aside for a trip with Nicky back to France. We intend touring and sussing out a few more venues for future exploration. I'll have a couple of rods in the car at all times ;-)

As you can see, I have been busy without actually wetting a line and there will be much to report on later.

For now, I'm looking at getting off my ass and wetting a line this week. I fancy a dabble for perch but I've got a horrible feeling that most of them have perished but there's only one way to find out. I'll also take some maggots along and try for some roach.


  1. Like you Dave next season I will not have an awful lot to blog about in the summer.I too have will be fishing a club that has a strict publicity ban on it's still waters and river beats.Hip,hip hooray from some quarters one would assume.;-0

    Though I will of course bee keeping the current tickets I have,so their will be some guff posted.

  2. I look forward to your guff Monty.