February 24, 2011

Well Spotted

I've got 9 miles of the Wye to choose from but when I have, for whatever reason, my heart set on just one swim, its uncanny how often the only other angler for miles is sat right where I want to be. This happens way too often for it to be anything other than a massive conspiracy probably backed by the KGB, CIA or KFC.

So, when I decided to fish a sheltered spot for perch I was not too surprised to see the other angler already there. He'd not faired well and, to be honest, I wasn't surprised as the water was a bit lower than I expected and it is flood water that forces fish into this area. He was about to move on to pastures new but rather than fish that swim I moved around the corner to a place where I have seen plenty of perch activity in the past.

Circle hook, ideal for predators and worm fishing

Overhanging trees and a blustery wind made my float difficult to control so I took it off and paternostered a worm on a two swan shot link. I used the float rod and set it between two rests with a mud bobbin for bite indication - all very advanced stuff ;-) The hook was a size 10 circle which is great for worms. I love circle hooks for my predator fishing and it again proved the right choice when I had a drop back bite. The fish roared off at a phenomenal speed, surfacing twenty five yards away before I could tighten the clutch. It was a trout, out of season and an unintentional catch but a magnificent fish none the less. At over 3lbs I'd love to get it in May on a fly but these old fish are as wily as you like, until they see a big fat lob worm that is. The hook was, of course, lodged in the scissors and he went back none the worse for his little adventure.

I had every intention of staying into dark but Neil, who was fishing downstream despite suffering all week with a virus, faded somewhat so we packed up early. Not to worry, there's rain on the way and next week I'll be back for another go - lone swim pinchers permitting.


  1. Great to see circle hooks making the impression they deserve in the UK, even if it is inch by inch!

  2. Can't understand why there aren't a few in everybody's tackle box Jeff.

  3. Hi Dave , ive been using the sakuma 440 circle for my perch fishing , I can certainly recommend them sizes 6 and 8. all the best

  4. Cracking Brownie Dave! Another thumbs up for circles here too, a lipped hooked Bleak on a 4's for perch in the summer for the big Chaps and 3/0's full of hardback crab for Wrasse when on hols...