May 16, 2012

She's home. Our little hedgehog, underweight and unable to survive the winter has been nurtured by the good people at the Vale wildlife hospital in Tewkesbury. Today we collected her and.....

her boyfriend. Here they are outside of what we hope will become Chez Heggies. They will be given food and water for a few days and, if all goes well, they will establish an area to browse for food and use the box as their resting spot. On the other hand they may just wander off never to be seen, such is life but good luck to them either way.


The day did not finish well though. We took Buddy to the vet and it had been confirmed that he has advanced cancer and will not be with us for much longer. Nicky and I have shed tears along the road to and from the vets before, yesterday was another such drive. The coming weeks or even days will be difficult.


  1. They look adorable Dave, nice little snug house for them too.

    Sorry to hear the sad news regarding Buddy. Knowing that your going to lose a pet that has become like a good friend and one of the family is very hard to come to terms with.

  2. Sorry to hear about Buddy. We lost our 3 legged Jack Russell just before Xmas to the same thing.

    It leaves a big hole in life.


  3. Oh Dave, I am so heavy hearted about Buddy. So very sorry. You always talk about him as I talk about my a family member. All of my thoughts are with you and Nicky and Buddy too, in the coming weeks.

    And the hedgehogs! I've been waiting all winter to see them!!! I do hope they settle down into Chez Heggies...and that there will be many more posts of their doings.

  4. Mark, Kevin and Erin - thanks so much, even a big grizzly old bugger like me can be reduced to a blubbering mess by a dog, they become well and truly a part of the family. Just this evening he fetched in the paper from the letterbox and placed it into Nicky's hand. But we have made the decision to have it done tomorrow, he is struggling and none of us can bear to watch him deteriorate further, its a difficult call but one that we feel is for the best.

    Erin, as for the hedgehogs, I hope that they stick around and we'll be leaving treats out for them every evening ;-)

  5. Oh Dave I'm so sorry to hear your news on Buddy. My all but brief encounter with you back in March was enough to see you both had a special bond. I am in no doubt of your sorrow in losing such a valued 'friend'. My thoughts are with you big fella. A very sad day.

  6. Dave,

    I still miss my old boy after he was put to sleep just over two years ago.You will know when the time is right as I did.Chin up owd butt.

  7. Oh Bugger, sorry to read this Dave.

  8. So sorry to hear about Buddy, Dave, we've seen five of ours off to a better place in the last 40 years and every one hurt like hell........... but they had all had a great life, especially with our lass looking after 'em.

    The worst of times was when my late son, Ian, came up to me whilst burying the first and asked me what was up with me, sobbing away, and I sort of exploded my grief on him and he was only 10 then!

    He'll always be with you two, memories, photos and videos.... and toys too I expect, never to be discarded. Chin up,


  9. I really appreciate the thoughts guys. All dogs are great and I've been lucky with those that we've had but Buddy was a bit special.