May 03, 2013

A Picture of Spring

I've had a wander along the river bank for the first time in a while. Its good to see a bit of green on the trees and, as the sun was bright and the temperature up, it was pleasing to spot a few chub and barbel.

 Can you see the chub?

Harvey attracted the attention of a few residents

Harvey wanted to hide in the car.

Then today I went for a walk around a certain well known Herefordshire lake. It was my first view of Redmire despite knowing it almost intimately through the writings of the many legendary anglers and the renown episode of A Passion For Angling. My first thoughts were the same as many before me "Cor, ain't it small".

The water was quite coloured but we soon discovered that this was due to the vast number of fish truffling in the shallows and sending a cloud of red silt down the lake. There were fish visible everywhere, nothing very big, in fact most were very modest fish, I would think it could do with losing a few to be honest.

Something stirs the silt

Jacuzzi time

Out of focus but definitely a Redmire carp 

The controversial fallen oak. Despite differing opinions it is to be removed soon. I have a ferrule stopper on my stepped up MKIV made from the wood of this tree.

Before you decide to set a course for Redmire and a casual stroll around its hallowed banks, I was there with the express permission of Les Bamford and was ably guided by one of his assistants St.John. I express my deepest gratitude to both of these fine fellows for the opportunity to have a look see and I am certain they shall both be visiting my local stretch of the Wye in the summer.


  1. Always sad to see so much tree displacement whether river or lakeside. Nice to be out in the sunshine at long last tho eh.
    Always had concerns that Redmire would not live up to my expectations and the imagery built from reading about its magical past. A privileged peek that you no doubt enjoyed tho eh?
    Those pre season shots of the Wye had me weak kneed and drooling. Not long now! ;o)

    1. I gather most people are struck by its diminutive appearance on their fist look Rich but soon fall under its spell. It will look much sexier once the full bloom of summer engulfs it and the fishing would be hard and rewarding but I shan't be queueing for a ticket any time soon. It was a real pleasure to be there though.

  2. The top of Beat 3 has changed a lot after the Winter (and Summer, and Autumn)floods. Your favourite snag swim has a bit more cover since flood borne debris lodged there, will suit the residents no doubt!
    Every year new swims are created and old ones destroyed but the fish are never far away, just a matter of finding them come the new season. So roll on the glorious 16th, Carp fishing is OK, but.

    1. More cover but a change i the current means there's only a few chub in residence Paul. Just like the Wye, it keeps you on your toes and searching for the fish - but that's why we love it.

  3. Redmire and the Wye........................ fished them both and loved every minute i was there

    1. I think you love every venue and every trip Tom :o)

  4. Can't believe I missed this post Dave. That pool will get under your skin mate, you'll see.