July 07, 2014


I am not happy. I've had a few evening sessions and have taken plenty of chub including a couple of scraper fives. They were probably well over the magic figure but I have a knack for underestimating chub weights and am frequently amazed when I do take the effort to lift them on the dial. It matters not, I only get excited by those that near the next step up the numeric ladder nowadays, I'm not being flash its just that we have a lot of big chub in the Wye. But that's not what is getting me down, I'll never tire of chub they are wonderful fish and I am still looking to improve my best each season. No, its the result of fishing for them that's got to me.

I have only had a single barbel to date, a poor return you'd say but the river has been difficult apart from a slight lift in the level that I didn't fish - typical. Rain brought a similar rise a couple of days ago but I was unable to join the fun. You see, I'm grounded.

The dodgy back (oh here we go again!), has been receiving some pretty intense physiotherapy in recent weeks, compliments of my impending insurance claim, yet there has been little improvement. One session sent me back a notch or three but it was soon back to bearable but after an evening sat watching a static rod I found myself in agony. I know I can handle the occasional blank so the pain was purely down to a buggered back, neck and shoulder - I was in bits.

Going cap in hand to the Physio he looked at me with a somewhat miffed expression. "You don't have to fish you know", he scowled at someone not taking his efforts seriously. I tried explaining the compunction felt by us afflicted with the fishing virus but he merely explained that 'even professional sportsmen have periods of rest'. Check Mate. I lowered my eyes and muttered a weak "Okay". So I am now on an enforced abstinence during a perfect summer when the rivers and lakes are all looking temptingly wonderful and my eagerness to put a bend in my rod has rarely been higher. Bugger!

I shall return - soon I hope and I shall doubtless find something to wax lyrical about in the meanwhile but if you not a hint of grinding teeth and frustration in my prose please forgive this grumpy fellow, I am certain you will know how I feel.


  1. Yep take his advice. When I damaged my Achilles tendon, I was told to rest my leg as much as possible. When I didn't it was bad news, so no fishing and no running ( I run the Bristol 10K and 1/2 marathons).
    Two months of rest and a gentle return to both activities and I was out and about again.
    Good luck with you rehab.

  2. Argh sorry to hear about the back playing up Dave, having done similar in the past (slipped whilst lifting an old crt monitor) I would heed his words and give yourself some time to heal, otherwise it could be one step forward and many more backwards, easier said than done though. Wishing you a speedy recovery mate.

  3. Sorry to hear about the enforced break Dave. Nothing worse than wanting to fish and being denied the chance. Those chub will still be there when you get back though.

  4. Hi Dave Burr, Don't worry, keep it safe fishing

    1. Thanks Jaydon

      Love the blog, very informative.

  5. In a longish life so far (66 years) I've had problems with back, shoulders & knees. I had courses of physiotherapy with no positive effect. The answer for me for the back (and my wife and a couple of friends) was chiropractic (McTimoney technique was the best if you can find someone locally) and I strongly recommend it.
    Months of rest is months without fishing.
    Best of luck

  6. Thanks Mike, all avenues are currently being explored as my boredom threshold has already been exceeded ;o)