June 09, 2015

The Passing of Time

Its June and the summer is revving up for it's glorious opportunity to bring growth to the countryside and to bring warmth and joy to us all. Except its cold and the dawn temperatures are near freezing. Ah well, it'll get better soon, won't it? That's the trouble with these warm springs, they invariably get evened out during the summer but hey, it could be worse, it could be affecting my fishing.

Yes, I'm still bloody grounded as my shoulder creaks and groans back to proper use and my back finds new and exciting ways to stop me from doing much. Am I getting testy? Of course I'm getting bloody testy! There's so much I want to do but cannot that I'm driving myself and my long suffering best lady well and truly up the wall. The time is passing very slowly but, at the same time, the year seems to be dripping through my fingers at an alarming rate. Its very frustrating.

On the bright side I've joined a new lake syndicate. I've had a good look around it and it will certainly see me on the banks soon one way or another. I've decided to give it another week or so then start fishing - left handed. I reckon I can reel with my right hand fairly easily and let my left take the weight of a rod and enormous fish..... maybe. Casting may be a tad comical so please, no following me with the video cameras.

Here be stalking places

Let me at it!

The 'passing of time' has been at the forefront of my thinking of late. The idea that I am well and truly crocked and that the procedures I've had and the one I am due are but sticking plasters over a wound that will effect me for the rest of my life has been sinking in. This has all been brought home by looking through boxes and boxes of old film slides that my father collected during his life. Seeing the family looking so young really does drive home the inevitability of ageing. Its something that we tend to shrug off until we reach a certain point in our lives and I have evidently reached that point. 

Ho hum, here's a few pictures from when I were a lad. The first is one of my all time favourites as it shows the day when my grand father was staying with us and came out with my dad to collect me after I'd fished at Yeovilton Weir. I had a net full of dace and roach most of the latter being caught on trotted silkweed. He was quietly impressed and held the biggest fish for a while, turning it in his hand in appreciation like he was admiring an antique. To have that silent nod of approval from the one relative that had helped me to become an angler meant the world.

Hopefully my next blog will show some pictures of me holding my first captures of the season but in the mean time - here's young me!

I'm too old for this trike, buy me a bicycle!
The allure of water has always been there
Lost in the patterns of turbulence 
I haven't changed a bit.


  1. That syndicate water looks nice Dave, not too pruned either just how they should be. Where does the time go though, an old quote I remember goes something like "time speeds past us but leaves its shadow behind", 6 month of the year already, soon be Christmas..

  2. I know Mark, it all goes way too fast. Make the most of the summer mate ;o)

  3. Dave,

    Two great photos one with your Grandfather, that would not look out of place when old man Jack was fishing the Iron Ore lakes in Out of Town in Kent.

    The one with the rod fishing is good too. ;-0

  4. Thanks Jase, I've got a better one holding the rod but that's reserved for the book ........ maybe.

  5. Yessling Ying says...Great photo's there Dave, I particularly like the trike one ! Good luck for the season, from lower down the river. (Hi to Kev P too !)

  6. Hi Dave, I feel your pain!! I tore the AC joint in my shoulder playing rugby last August, but had a day booked off work in 4 days time to go Tench fishing. Needless to say I went but was in agony trying to play those tincas, so like you are planning I had to hold the rod in the opposite hand and reel right handed. It was awkward at first, but I managed, so good luck to you!!!

  7. Would you like a picture of me in the bath?