June 16, 2015

Yay, Fishing Again!

I've been fishing! After a bit of a wait its come as something of a relief but I suppose its only been like the old close season. How did we manage back then?

Anyway, I was staying with my sister down in sunny Devon and we'd arranged for a day on her hubby's boat. Now, when he said he was going to get a boat I suggested something like a nice Orkney Longliner in 16' or so for poodling around the estuary. Did he listen? No, of course not. So we boarded 28' fishing boat which, I have to admit, is just the sort of boat I have spent many days dreaming about. I used to do a lot of sea fishing and have part owned several small fibre glass money pits and always yearned for riches and a mooring. David has both and he was only too happy to skipper me on a breezy day.

I'd be happy with the tender

Plenty of tech on board
Passing Salcombe the fish finder already showed plenty of fish about and when we hit the main water, my first drop brought four struggling mackerel aboard. It was too easy which is the nature of mackerel. Its either a coconut every time or you spend your entire fishing day searching for the damned things. The fact that I was using a multiplier outfit also meant I was fishing left handed so I coped admirably.

We soon had enough along with a couple of pollack and some launce that were returned. I don't know the area well enough to know where to bottom fish and the gusty wind was such that positioning the boat would have been problematic, so it was back ashore and a very tasty evening meal.

On the estuary beach I spotted this brute, a barrel jellyfish. I'd earlier found some small, black grape like clusters that later research proved to be cuttlefish eggs, a first for me. Apparently, some people have kept them in sea water and they've hatched! Man, I'd love to do that - cuttlefish are one of my favourite animals.


June the 16th is upon us and I felt suitably confident in my left handed abilities to have a go on a new pool to me. It only holds small carp and a few tench but bites are assured, its little fished and the bird song surrounding the venue is wonderful. 

I baited next to a lily bed and lobbed my float gear out into the general area and I sat back. Okay, I cheated. I couldn't Wallis cast left handed and, truth be told, I doubt that I ever shall but, when the float sailed away I hooked and played a small fish to the net with ease. A couple more followed but they were even smaller. My arm began to ache so, after less than a couple of hours, I packed. I'd managed to fish, I'd caught and its the Glorious 16th - what could be better.


  1. Hooray! Well done my ol' fruit. Devon's lovely innit. Quite a find on the beach too, lovely to beachcomb. Turns up allsorts of weird and wonderful treasures. And is there anything better than freshly caught mackerel? Takes me back.....disposable bbq, brown bread and butter, lemon and cracked black pepper...and no show of mackerel! God they were miserable sarnies! :)

    1. You should improvise my dear. Search the beach and you may come up with a jellyfish and cuttlefish egg sandwich.... yum yum!