December 01, 2011


No, not throwing bits of flashing metal at pike and perch, something more akin to your youth.

Do you recall those days when you and your friends would stretch out your arms and spin around and around until the world distorted and you fell into a hilarious mess on the floor and enjoyed the sensation that everything around you was animated and wobbly? Or maybe, as an adult, usually at a barbecue, you have played the 'broom game'; spinning - head down- ten times around a broom stick before attempting to run back to a given point only to end up off to the side and led - giggling - in a flower bed.

Yes, the Theme Park in our heads can be great fun and it can cause more hilarity if somebody else has succumbed to its imbalance as a result of alcohol. But, what if you have an involuntary bout of this loss of equilibrium? That's what has happened to me. Its called Labrynthitis, an inflammation of the inner ear canals that effect your balance and what's more, its bloody awful!

It hit me the other day with a bout of mild giddiness as I left the excellent Carp Society show at Sandown Park and I at first assumed it was the effect of having my wallet lightened so rapidly such were the bargains on offer. Within a couple of days I was unable to walk in a straight line, drive or focus on reading matter. I had a day of severe vomiting and felt like death warmed up. The good Doctor brought me some pills but their effect so far, is minimal.

I bring you this news not to ask for sympathy but to explain the lack of current angling tales. Following on from back troubles, a bout of flu and now this, I have been a right 'sick note' of late and I am gagging for a spot of fishy action but I know that I have to be patient. I have booked to fish two particularly wonderful chalk streams at the end of next week, I just hope that I can get around in straight lines as opposed to the stumbling gate of a drunk in a train corridor.

I leave you with my current theme song ;-)


  1. Its called 'old age' mate, you are falling apart LOL

    My dad had something similar in his youth, god only knows what the doctors did at the time but he is deaf in one ear and walks like he has been in the pub all day!!!!

    Modern medicine should hopefully sort it out mate and then you will be good as new and back on the river with tales to tell.

  2. I tell you Tom, I feel really old at the moment! But I'll bounce back like the spring chicken I am at heart :-)

  3. There's nothing worse then a run of bad health to put a dampner on the things that you enjoy doing,get well soon Dave.

  4. Cheers Mark - appreciate the sentiment.

  5. I hope you get to leave the "Theme Park" soon. Oy, what luck...but I do believe you to be one of the youngest-hearted people I've ever come across. Cheers to health, my friend.

  6. You old flatterer Erin - but don't stop ;-)

  7. Just thought I would drop you a quick message here Dave, to wish you well and hope you have a good Christmas and all the best health for the new year and some more entertaining and interesting blogging.

    Kind regards

  8. Although you don't ask for it, indeed you do have my sympathy because I know exactly what you are going through . I wish you a speedy recovery and hope to read about your bankside adventures soon mate...all the best, Gurn