December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Weeble

Remember the Weebles? They wobble but they won't fall down - that's me still. As you can guess, I haven't fished for a few weeks and shan't be out for a while yet :-(

I did accompany Neil on a short and unsuccessful pike trip the other day and on the way back to the car I stopped and looked at our footprints across the field. There were Neil's in a direct line and mine veering left and right like a drunk's course home from the pub. Still, it was nice to be out.

Enough of my woe's, I trust that you will all have a great Christmas and hope that 2012 brings you success and contentment. Thank you for looking in and I'll see you again soon.


  1. Have a good Christmas Dave,I hope you have a good new year and your feeling much better in 2012.

    kind regards

  2. Thanks Mark, I hope you have a good one also :-)

  3. I loved the Weebles! I'm sorely sorry you're still feeling like one though...may the new year bring rightness in being! A very Merry Christmas, you and yours!

  4. Thanks Erin, I', doing my time and I'm sure I'll be going straight soon.

    Have a wonderful Christmas in your snowy canyon, we will blog-chat aplenty in '12.

  5. Have a good one big man, look forward too your posts in the New Year