November 18, 2012

Fifty Shades of Cane

Visiting a Vintage Tackle Fair is akin to porn for the emotions of lust and yearning it provokes. Today I was just a voyeur and I did not get 'involved' with any of the teasing rods flirting from the ranks of stands or the blatant flaunting of the tables full of seductive reclining centre pins - but it took some self control I can assure you.

I first visited the Redditch event a couple of years ago when I was a mere novice in the ways of cane. I was seduced on that day and took home a rod of great beauty to accompany my other cane rod that was waiting for some company. They now seem to have formed quite the family as I have added more and more during the last year or so, a thinning out must soon take place. I digress, to wander around so many stands where so many bright things catch the eye, the rods, reels, floats, lures, books oh the books! Too much to take in, too much choice. 

I did a lap, interrupted by meeting up with friends not seen for a while and new ones too, guys from various forums that converge on such gatherings. One guy recognised me and spoke - "Where do I know you from?" I asked, "We fish the same syndicate lake..." I'm useless when I meet people out of context, I've only ever seen Steve behind a set of rods or drawing up at the lake with a car loaded for a session. Still, we had a good chat. Then it was Kevin Clifford, I haven't spoke with Kevin for a while and it was good to have a natter, well, two natters. Gary, who I'd driven to the event was eager to meet Kevin so I sought him out and duly did the introduction, Gary grilled him on carp history for some time.

Trevor King and his lovely lady Lynn were there too, its been a while since we last met. His taxidermy, fish models and now his wood carvings (especially the perch) are just mouth watering, expensive but oh how I covet such perfection. He's also making hollow cane rods, an eleven foot barbel version just had to be flexed.

Andy Sliwa was there, which was just as well, he had a couple of rods of mine that he's been working on and I left him with another that needs his expert touch. I also borrowed his own 11' barbel rod which I intend keeping until its been well and truly flexed - best not tell Andy that just yet though eh ;o)

You know when you've had a really enjoyable day when you feel like smoking a cigarette and sleeping for a few hours when it finishes but as a non smoking designated driver I had to join the heavy traffic and wend my happy way home.


  1. Your purchasing restraint is to be commended mucker. Must have been tempting. Retail therapy aside it sounds like a good social event too. Just that bit too far for me ...for now! ;o)

  2. Looks like a hoot and a half...all out enjoyable day. Even, without bringing home one of the temptresses. ;-)

  3. That must have been a very enjoyable day Dave and that Perch carving looks simply stunning and show brilliant attention to detail.

    1. I cannot stress how good that perch was Mark but £650 is a tad steep, I've already got a big bronze barbel on display, one has to show some restraint you know....... for now.

    2. £650! Yikes, that is just a bit expensive..

    3. His barbel was over £900! But they are masterful works of art that would be an investment - if you have that much disposable income to start with :-)

      We can all dream.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day out Dave, gutted I couldn't make it but will be at the next Romsey show...


  5. Reading your first paragraph it strikes me that you need some better porn. Ahem.

  6. Looks like a fine day mate. I will get to one of them one day. I want one of those Walker style nets...amongst other stuff :-)