June 15, 2014

A New Season Dawns

According to Mr James the Wye is fishing well so a bumper start to the new season is assured, not that I've much inclination to start barbel bothering just yet. I spent the day supervising my work force (Nicky and Neil) as we sorted the fishery in a last minute slash and clear project. This Summer the flora is as lush as I can remember, the hight of the balsam and nettles is extreme so even finding old pathways was challenging but, its all up and running for the big 'Off'.

I shall probably be drawn to the river within a day or two but I really can't get too excited about upsetting the fish population so soon after their spawn. With back and shoulder issues I shall rest for a bit longer which will doubtless mean the fishing is excellent from the word go if previous seasons are anything to go by. Anyway, my mind is still on the lake.

Ahh the lake. I sat by it whilst I read a few chapters of 'The Secret Carp' the other day. I read this book most years during early summer, it really is the best fishing book I've read and it always feels fresh when I open it's pages. To sit by my own secret lake as the tale unfolds is just too good.

On the subject of my lake, it is also blooming in this exceptional year with weed beds showing all over, weeds that didn't show at all last year. Its given it a more challenging but even more carpy appearance, I can't wait to get back.

I'm still a little disappointed at missing out on my French trip, I've tried to put it behind me but typically, it turned out to be the most productive trip that 'we' have taken. Neil had something of a blinder taking muscular river carp between 16 and 30 pounds. I was delighted for him of course even when I received yet another catch report text whilst sitting around hurting. I'll pause whilst you send sympathetic thought waves my way before I post a few pictures of some of his successes.

Good luck for the new season and I hope that at least some of your dreams are fulfilled.


  1. Dave,

    Neil in his glasses looks a little like Alan Carr ;-0

  2. :-D Can't wait to pass that one on ;o)

  3. Hi Dave. I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now, so I thought I'd drop by and say hello. I'm a fellow Wye angler, though I tend to fish downstream from your neck of the woods (I'm based in Chepstow). Tight lines for the new season. Ben

    1. Thanks Ben. Just checked out your blog, cracking tench!