November 10, 2012

Win Some - Lose Some

I've not fished for a while, I think I'm just sulking after a horrible summer and can't summon the energy to face a wet autumn. Also, to go pike or perch fishing will require a massive search for the necessary tackle and, well, I'll get around to it.

What I have been doing though is buying books and tackle, well it has to be done doesn't it? You don't need to use it, buying the stuff is great fun. So I am awaiting delivery of an Allcock Lucky Strike and have just received three fishing books. Then I went to the auction...

I love auction rooms but they do require the strongest self discipline as it is so easy to get carried away. The one I've been at for the last couple of days is at Ludlow and is one of the bigger tackle auctions around. I was there yesterday for the viewing which was followed by the book auction, back today for all things fishy.

I came home with lighter pockets yesterday having secured a copy of Redmire Pool by Kevin Clifford and Len Arbury. I've wanted a copy of this book for years and although I missed out on the signed edition, I was delighted to get one along with a very saleable salmon book so it could work out as a good deal. I also stumped up £15 for a ten book lot, one of which I wanted and the rest will be sold off. It could have all gone wrong though, I was bidding on one item and decided I had reached my cut off point and duly shook my head to tell the auctioneer only to find Nicky, sat next to bidding away like a good 'un. We did get our act synchronised eventually and it did get a laugh.

Today I had my eye firmly on two objects, a brand new multiplier to replace my ageing Shimano Bantam which is starting to rattle and a Sharpes, Scottie Impregnated salmon rod that looked perfect for barbel and carp work. I got the reel for a song, less than half the new price - which was a result but despite bidding beyond the top estimate for the rod, I had to sit back and watch another £60 get added to the bidding. I was amazed, it is a rod I've seen go fairly cheaply before and I thought I'd pick it up easily, just goes to show I suppose. The rate the lots were going at and the massive prices paid for anything Hardy was mind boggling, I don't think I'll ever be a trader.

Nicky and I won one and lost another hedgehog this week. Its that time of year when anything less than 500 - 600grams in weight is going to struggle to get through the winter so, when we found a little heggie on the lawn that weighed just 240 grams we knew it had to come inside. It was fed and kept warm for a few days until I could take it to the chap in a nearby village that takes them in. He had 32 under sized hedgehogs already as well as a few other waifs and strays, ours seemed in good condition and I am confident it will survive to be released in the spring.

Yesterday a neighbour found what I would imagine is a sibling to the first. It was wandering during daylight, always a bad sign and she brought it to us knowing that we'd have some idea what to do. Again, we gave it food and a bed but I was worried that it seemed lethargic and had little appetite. Sure enough, this morning I found the little chap had died. Its always a shame when this happens but I suppose if they all lived we'd be knee deep in hedgehogs.

If any of you find a hedgehog wandering during daylight or one that looks underweight, please take it in and contact one of the many hedgehog volunteers, the RSPCA or a local vet, they do need a helping hand.


  1. Hello Dave, Found your site today and will follow. I have a decenet book collection, not just through buying recently, but due to my age?

    For expample I have originals of the Redmire book you mentioned, plus Frank Gutfield, Jack Hilton, Sharman, Yates and many more. All brought in my youth, and early years. I'm now collecting John Geraich a fly fisherman from the USA. If you like fishing his books are full of humour, and life itself. Trout Bum is his classic, but he has about 14 in print. First editions are now collectable!! Follow if you get time?

    Kind Regards.

  2. Fishermanrichard, like you many of my books were bought when they were new but Redmire came out when my pockets were empty :o)

    I've read Geraich and don't connect with him, perhaps I'm just too embroiled in coarse fishing, I do appreciate his literal talent though.

    I'll keep an eye on your site, it looks good.

  3. Dave,

    My favourite rod is an impregnated Sharps Scottie Carp rod.More backbone than a MKIV of a similar test curve.I'm on the look out for another one.;-0

    As for Hedgehogs,not seen one for years.Even as a child we used to see them on the way to school,even in built up 'Ackney.Why I do not know?

  4. I think the rod was wrongly listed, I've had a good Google around and I reckon it was indeed a carp - it certainly had a beautiful feel to it. Ah well, maybe next time.

  5. Dave
    Must have enough canes for a whole row of beans by now! A lost cause me thinks ;o)
    Fast becoming a patron saint of the hedgepig tho, very commendable.
    The weather this year saps your enthusiasm like a sponge don't it mucker. Just as well your stockpiling books to read. Keep your chins up :oD x

    1. Yes, I have acquired a few this last year, but I intend thinning them out and sticking to a favoured few - well, that's the plan anyway.

      Keep smiling lover xx

  6. Dave,

    They did do a nine foot Salmon rod,impregnated also.Now one of those would be well 'andy for some tight swims.

    Time for dinner my lover......;-0

    1. It would make a great stalking rod, I'm sorely tempted to get one, all in good time.

      Poor old heggies are suffering from tidy garden syndrome, which os probably why we get so many :

      Hope dinner was satisfactory lover.

  7. Nice to see you increase your burgeoning collection of fishing literature, it's always nice to settle down to a good book and be whisked away to a magical lake or river from times gone by. However the weather this year has been a real downer Dave, but what can you do, it's having a very adverse affect on a lot of wildlife too.

    1. I've only ever bought books I want to read Mark but there's been an awful lot of them over the years, perfect escapism.

      Fingers crossed for a 'proper' year in '13.