July 15, 2012


I had a few hours on the carp pool the other day, nothing stirred and my bite indicators remained motionless. You can sometimes tell within minutes of setting up that the day's efforts will be in vain, the wind was light and stirred only a small area in the centre of the lake, the small fish didn't show and there was extra colour from the feeder stream, all poor signals. I didn't mind, it was pleasant enough sat taking in the view whilst Nicky played with my new 'Bridge' camera, comparing it with her SLR and she reluctantly agreed that the Canon was a remarkable tool especially with its phenomenal 20X zoom. 

The same story must be told of a trip to the river this afternoon. Despite apparently ideal conditions and sitting in a 'dead cert' swim for three hours I had nothing but a few plucks and pulls from small fish. The only decent pull came as I moved about to improve the reception when Neil rang me, I left it to await the next tug but that was it, another blank.

Again, I wasn't too perturbed, Neil's call was news of his first carp from the lake and I was delighted for him. It was a 23 pounder with near linear markings and I'm pretty sure it is one I saw roll on that very spot back when I had a mid-double common. It is a good looking fish and one that I hope I connect with one day.

So, no fishy pictures for you but I have been snapping away at rod tops (willing them to move), a hairy mutt by the name of Harvey and my good lady wife bringing me a cup of coffee on the bank ahhh luxury :-)


  1. Blimey that camera takes some extraordinary realistic photos Dave. It seems that the pics of your rod tips have all the traits of inertia that plagued mine recently ;-)
    Training seems to be progressing rather well.
    Loyal and attentive as I said before.
    Harvey still work in progress I presume :-)
    Pleased for Neil. Good work that man!
    Just a darn minute......How many rods did you have out?
    Good 'mug shot' with the canon :oD

  2. The stick rods were on the lake my large tarsalled friend but I do need a rod in between the actions of those two ;-)

  3. I love Harvey! And coffee, too. ;-) And why do bites and takes always happen when you aren't ready for them!?

  4. He is cute, and yes, those fish do seem to know when you are not paying attention.

  5. Motionless rod tips, yep, i can tell you all about them mate, been watching them for a while now!

    Good too see you on the banks again.