July 30, 2010

The Brummie's done it!

Big respect goes out to the only optimistic Brummy I've ever met - Carl Salter.

At 5 pm yesterday he set off to climb Ben Nevis. At 3.30 this morning he did Scafell Pike and this afternoon, despite feeling "completely bolloxed", he completed the Three Peak Challenge by climbing Mount Snowdon. The job was done in 22 hours and 3 minutes.

For a fat little bald bloke that is quite an accomplishment and I have nothing but respect for his efforts, the training even involved him cutting back on the beer for goodness sake! Although, he may catch up on some lost time this evening.

Any of you that have met Carl will know what a lovely bloke he is. He has done this in aid of the Living Angels Charity to raise money for ST Giles Hospice in Lichfield. This being the hospice that a close family friend stayed in before her untimely death from cancer last year.

I suggested that next week he should try again to get his time below 22 hours but he mentioned something about a duck cloth or similar, I'm not sure, it was a bad line.

Anyway, Carl I'm proud of you mate - top man.
Carl in training

Anybody wishing to send him a congratulations of organise a donation, his email is info@saltercleaning.com


  1. Carl,

    Your a "proper" Englishman abroad.Wearing you club colours while fishing over seas.I'll be at your "gaff" for the opening game.Though wearing the only real Claret and Blue ;-).I'll drop you a mail early next week,to donate a few bob.

    Well done.

    Monty D

  2. Any man who can stay up whilst 4 in the morning drinking and be up at half 7 to go fishing should find the 3 peaks a walk in the park....... I demand he at least swim the channel next time, with his feet tied together.

    Cheque on way next week Carl.

  3. Carl you are a star mate and a bloody nice bloke too. My rather leaner mate James from Leeds did it last year and he still aches or complains that he still aches.

    Can't stay up quite so late on the Wye trip this year mate sorry :)

    Online donation comin up.