July 20, 2010

The Moth

So there I was visiting our aged neighbour in the care home. There was an 'O' group in session as they did their morning exercises and a crossword. Suddenly there was a distraction, a large moth flew into the human circle and all eyes were upon it.

Being something of a lepidopterist on the quiet I stepped forward in order to rescue what I identified as a Lime Hawk Moth, a large and beautiful creature. After a bit of cat and mouse stuff amongst the chairs I had it gently cupped in my hands and I headed for the open window. Much better to take charge and secure a rescue than have somebody squish it, I thought.

Out of the window it went and flew down, skimming the grass as it got its bearings. Enter stage left - two blackbirds swooped into view and a moment later my lovely moth was a mouthful of chick feed. Ah well, I tried.


  1. The food chain................. don't you just love it :)

  2. Keep up the good work Mr Burr ;-)

  3. Nice story Dave but don't you think it's about time that you told another? Go fishing or summat if you are lacking material or are low of spirit.


  4. Bit grumpy of late Conrad. I can't get interested in scratching about on the river at the moment but I've got a few days guiding on the lower Wye next week, that might give me something to talk about.