July 10, 2010


What is it about sitting in a canoe that makes people think that anglers want to say hello to them?

Why do people on boats think that anglers want to wave to them?

And those middle aged men that ride those novelty bicycles, you know the ones, they either sit low and your legs reach out to pedals out in front of you with a silly flag above you to stop cars squashing you. Or the Molten style folding jobs etc. Why do they always ride them with a self satisfied, smug grin on their faces?

Why do people wave at trains?

Why does nobody smile when the check their receipt at the cash point?

Why do postmen whistle? Is it a requirement or do they get trained?

Why does my wife set the alarm for seven when there's only two of us?

Answers on a postcard......................


  1. Did somebody get out the wrong side?

  2. Or why do I always get caught behind the dopey sod,on the "Five Items" only counter at Sainsburys,when in a hurry and they always pay,by card ?Does not a soul carry cash anymore ?

  3. As an ex-postman Dave i can hand on heart state here and now the only reason posties whistle is to annoy people like you................... you miserable old so and so LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    I do agree with you on the alarm clock, my wife never forgets to set it on a day off, when she is working she will always forget to set it :)

    Cash Monty.................... what the hell is that?