July 19, 2010

Man Flu

Man Flu! ~A terrible affliction that can strike at any time. I've had a throat thing all weekend and that's enough to have me sat in front of the TV, Sky Plus at the ready and back to back Family Guy.

If you are not familiar with Family Guy then shame on you. It is the finest adult animated show ever and knocks the Simpsons well and truly back into the 20th century. Delightfully non-pc and very funny. Its on BBC3, check it out.


Bloggers everywhere seem to enjoy pressing their musical tastes upon us. I'm not averse to this, far from it. In fact, I've decided to join in. But my music tastes are as wide and diverse so, I'll just post links to three tracks that, for different reasons, make me feel good inside. I hope that you enjoy at least one of them :-)

Finley Quaye Just smooooooth music.

KLF and Tammy Mad but great. They burned £1,000,000 just because they could.

And Here - something from the vaults of one hit wonders but I love it.


  1. It cost the KLF £8,000 to make the video happen Dave, i believe one of the band members conducts sonic sound experiments on Bodmin Moor now a days.

    Also did you know they topped the charts as Dr. Who and the Timelords?

  2. Well I like all three tracks Dave, my taste has got to be the most diverse in the world. I like all sorts of stuff, I really do. For instance when someone recently asked me who my favourite guitarist was I was struggling to decide between George Benson, Alex Lifeson or Michael Schenker. As a bit of a singer (well I was, I have no idea whether I can still do it) I find that I'm drawn to Soul and R & B but equally love Cerys Mathhews on Catatonia's Bulimic Beats. I love the Buzzcocks and Al Jarreau depending on how I feel. The best thing about getting older is that you don't give a stuff what people think.

  3. Oh and yes Family Guy is brilliant. I quite like the theme tune as well :)

  4. Yes Tom, Ive got a copy of 'The White Room' cd and love the Dr Who track as well.

    I once met (in an official police type capacity ;-) ) a bloke on his way down to Bodmin to to stay with his friend who was in KLF. He was present when they burned the money as 'a publicity stunt' - or was it 'in a moment of drug fueled insanity?' Rock and roll eh?

    Conrad, glad you enjoyed them and I am very pleased to see that you are a fellow Family Guy appreciator.

  5. It might have something to do with the fact that the family guy and I share a similar silhouette. Does that influence the V shaped Mr Burr :)


  6. Family Guy is very good.......

    I love the little kid "Victory is mine......."Even my old man who is 63 loves it too.And he still watches Minder most days on DVD.

    *Rolls eyes face"