June 22, 2010

Bless You

Looking Down

I'm incapacitated at the moment - done me back in! Groan.

How did this occur I can hear you cry? I sneezed. Yes, one single sneeze and I am bent over in agony. Its happened to me before albeit a different part of the back, but an early morning atishoo saw me hurting and miserable for a while.

The only up side to this bout of pain is that it coincided with The Boss having a mass gardening session that was supposed to include yours truly. More than coincidence she reckons.

Looking Up

I watched an interesting program about clouds last night. Gavin Pretnor-Pinne has formed a Cloud Appreciation Society for those people (like me) who spend a lot of their day just enjoying the spectacle that the sky has on offer. We are lucky in that our front room window faces west and, as the Welsh Mountains throw up some spectacular cloud formations, we are given some wonderful sunsets. In fact we watched a brilliant display of colour and form as the program played on TV.

Touch legering is more than a method to put you in direct contact with the fish. It also allows you to take time out to look around you and enjoy what is on offer. A quote from my diary of a couple of summers ago read "I was looking for fish in the clouds but saw only a cat and an owl. I was jerked from my revery by the urgent pull of a barbel....."

There is a big difference between having your head in the clouds and enjoying their form. Take a few minutes out and enjoy the sky, it is the greatest free show on - or just above - the Earth.
You may even see something quite rare such as this...

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  1. Dave,

    In one of todays papers,there is a cracking photo of a low cloud at sunset,some place over Scotland.I forget what paper as we get them all in work,and spend the day reading them ;-)

    It looks like the giant Space Ship,from the film Independance Day.Magic.