June 18, 2010

A Stolen Hour

Its alway a pleasure to see something new especially when I'm fishing. Down at the river Nicky and I were watching what we thought was a mink working its way along a gravel beach on the far bank. When it swam over towards us I was convinced that it was obviously a mink but how surprised were we to see a squirrel emerge from the water. I've never seen one swimming before and quite what it was looking for at the water's edge is a mystery.

Sometimes its the odd stolen hour that produces the most memorable trips.

I had to pop down to the fishery and cut a couple of swims. The Boss came with me as she loves to walk by this particular section of the river - not to help with the heavy work though. We had a quick look at the shallows and a few baits brought the chub into view. One barbel flashed in the rapid, that was enough for me, but I had work to do first. Due to the area being protected I had to walk down to the end of the beat to cut one swim. Rather than carry my petrol strimmer, I slung the slasher over my shoulder and set off. It was hot, sweaty work and the stinging nettles were hell bent on getting me but I was soon back at the shallows.

I set up my 9' cane 'Stalker' rod. I've not had a fish on it before but it really is the most beautiful object and shone like amber in the sunlight. I matched it with a fixed spool reel and a lump of modeling clay for a weight as the bottom is full of rocks and a lead would be certain to snag. I like to use paste when fishing like this but had to make do with a Meat Extract boilie on a short hair. They are very meaty these boilies and smell like roadkill! Chub and barbel love 'em.

On with the waders and I was soon down the bank and bouncing the bait through the fast water. Nothing came to a moving bait but by letting it get hung up on a stone or whatever, I had a few bites. I packed up probably less than an hour later having caught two chub and a barbel of about 6 or 7 pounds. As I landed that barbel a peregrine falcon flew noisily overhead which was a great way of heralding my first of the season.

A lovely way to snatch a few quick fish and we still had time to nip down to Lyonshall for steak night. Oh yes, the rod is just perfect.

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