June 03, 2010

So another man has gone 'postal' and the roads of West Cumbria run with the blood of the innocent. What makes a man snap? When does it all get too much and the urge to kill takes over?

They all seem to follow a defined path as their break down becomes apparent and with hind sight, avoidable. This bloke killed his twin brother! That is fucked up.

But today the news media has column inches and air time to fill so we will be subject to 'expert' analysis and theorising as to how such tragedies can be avoided. The first and loudest suggestion has already been the subject of debate - ban all guns!

Well it a nonsense and I just hope that the government avoid the same knee jerk reaction that Dunblane provoked after all, we now see handgun deaths on a regular basis on the streets of our big cities. Banning handguns hasn't saved a single life.

A professor has suggested that us gun holders be allowed to keep our guns but that we go to a central point and collect ammunition as and when we need it, each round being accounted for. Hmmm, there's a man with a strong understanding of the countryside then - not! Even if this asinine suggestion was undertaken would the person collecting his ammunition be subject to a psychological examination on each occasion?

People kill people, it happens. Guns are dangerous which is why they are licensed. If somebody's mental state deteriorates to a point where they want to go out and kill at random, they will do it. What if he had killed his brother and a few others with his car? Ban them?

There are still 2500 people killed each year in road deaths. That's 7 people a day which, were they killed with guns, would create a shit storm of reaction. People still drive like idiots, we have crowded roads that are nowadays left unpoliced except by speed camera and our driving test is an absolute joke. Do we hear the voice of concern on our news shows? No, of course not.

So let them bury their dead with dignity. Let them look at where the 'system' failed poor Mr Bird and move on with our lives. It will happen again because its what being a part of the human race is all about.

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