June 16, 2010

Opening Day

The mist hung over the fields and river as I drove along the track towards the Wye. The prospect of missing a Full English was obviously too much for the hotel guests so we had the place to ourselves, the perfect welcome back to the river.

I chose a swim with a chance of a barbel but where I new that the chub would be in residence. The gravels above this area have changed during the winter so the current is a little different, as a result I doubt there will be as many barbel around here this season but I enjoy fishing here so it would do for today.

Well, the chub certainly were evident and four graced my net but not so the barbel. I don't mind, there's plenty of time for them, today was just about wetting a line.

Nicky and I packed as the crowds arrived, I was a little amazed to see 3 out of 12 anglers wearing white T shirts as they sky-lined themselves along the steep banks. Another wore sky blue whilst one more had on bright peach, they looked very colourful all grouped together around one bend when they had so much water available to them. I expect they will be bemoaning the lack of sport in the bar tonight.

Oh well, so starts another season.


  1. Thanks, I'll pass that on to The Boss as she was head photographer and sandwich maker for the day.

    Sorry if the layout is a bit crooked, I can get it all just so in the draft but press publish and the pictures move about with a will of their own.

  2. Sarnies what a let down. She should have cooked bacon butties on the bank for you unless that is she was watching your belt size!

  3. Well, I did say sandwiches but they were indeed bacon butties - bless her.

    She knows how to please her man ;-)

  4. A river at dawn on the opening day can't fail to make your week eh!?

    Loving the photos Dave.