June 11, 2010


Yesterday was a proud day. The Boy (my son Neil), completed the final exam of a three year course at Sparsholt College. With a bit of luck and a following wind, he will come out of it with a science degree and hopefully, a chance of gaining meaningful employment in this recession hit world.

He did have a job and was busy going nowhere when, at the age of 25 he dropped everything he had and went back into education. I gave him three months before he quit. I am very happy to admit that I was very wrong.

So what has this got to do with bamboo? As a 'well done' we had a splitcane rod made for him. Neil has had a fascination with cane for some time, a result of reading my Chris Yates collection no doubt. He used one that I had borrowed and loved it. He now has his own and it is an absolute gem.

Andy Sliwa has been making cane rods as a hobby for about fifteen years, he's got really quite good at it. Andy's a lovely bloke and we talked at length about what sort of rod would best suit the Boy's needs. Andy came up with a Legerstrike copy, or at least a similar model but very slightly heavier. Whatever the design it has been beautifully put together and the action is a dream. I am very jealous!

Neil's face was a picture when he unsheathed his new weapon, he says that it surpassed his highest expectation. I think angler and rod have a long and happy relationship ahead of them and I am certain that some of those escapades will feature here.


  1. Can't beat a bit of Cane Dave.I hope the lad enjoys it.

  2. I was 25 too when I did exactly the same as Neil Dave, best thing I ever did, not to mention the three wild years at uni. Geting that first job is the hardest bit.

  3. Hello Dave, just been speaking to andy sliwa and ended up ordering another rod from him. He's talked me into a legerstrike copy. just wondered how your lad was going with his. ? andy