June 19, 2010

So how many of you watching the game last night thought 'what we need to spark life into this side is to change from Aaron Lennon on the wing to Shaun Right Phillips?'

What a pile of disorganised, dispirited, hopelessness. Is there something they feed England managers at World Cups that makes them loose their minds? Why would they always be so intent on hammering round pegs into square holes?

Whatever Capello is doing behind the scenes it isn't working. David James apart, the side looked like ten minutes before kick off they'd been told their mother had died. It was quite probably the worst England performance ever!

What is worse is that I put a bloody great big flag on my garage door just before kick off.

Anybody want to buy a flag?


  1. Dave,
    It was a shocker mate!
    I don't think the lads understand Fabio or are even aloud to knock on his door, the boys look clueless as to what they should be doing or where they should be playing!

    I'm not looking forward to Wednesdays game either!!

    Ps.....Keep your flag!! ;-)

  2. Roll on Wednesday evening, the nation will either in raptures over what a brilliant performance by the team or they will be baying for blood.................... i for one will enjoy reading the headlines either way.

  3. Dave good blog, coming up there july again to that beautiful area ( where my phone dont work )hoping to catch a few , your right about england
    what a load of s**te , play gera up with rooney get joe cole on might help , but then again will it ? new zealand look better than us and most of them are part timers ,

    John Docherty